Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tag I'm it

TAG I'm It....
I am-BUSY!!!
I want-a nap
I have-OCD
I feel-"special"
I hear-NOTHING!!! UH OH that can't be good(wonder what the kids are up to)
I smell-corndogs
I crave-CAFE RIO
I cry-NEVER!!!
I search-for things to wear
I wonder-if my room will ever be clean and stay that way!!!
I regret-not saying things I should
I love-my 2nd job. I get MASON!!!
I care-about the choices ALL my kids make! (even the 19 yr old)
I worry-about everything
I remember-the small things!!
I believe-I'm old
I dance-at my Zumba class!! That I haven't been to in months
I don't-like being touched.
I argue-WHAT? I don't argue!! What the crap, why would you say I argue???
I write-everything on my calendar!
I win-YES I DO!!!
I lose-your mom loses!!!
I wish-I had a waistline!!
I listen-for Mason crying in the other room so he doesn't "annoy"Aidan while he watches tv lol
I can-multitask with the BEST of them.
I need-a FAT friend to go shopping with me!! Tired of you skinny people!!
I am happy-with my life!!!

I tag Mindy, Heidi, Leslie and Amber

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crazy Hair day!!

No! Ashton did not get a hold of the clippers!! I DID!!! LOL! It was crazy hair day at Bunderson on Friday and so I took the clippers to him!! It's not exactly what I wanted but HE WON!! That's all I care about lol! You know me and competition!! HAHA!! He loved it!! Aidan was mad cause I wouldn't take the clippers to him!! THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!! He had spiky hair instead!!! :O) Love those boys!!

Fall Family Fun

Last Monday for family night we went to a corn maze and hay pyramid in Logan. We had a blast. The kids sure had a good time! As you can see so did David!!! :O) Then we went to dinner and Macenzi ended up getting a migraine! So while Allen, David, Bre, and the boys shopped she layed in the car trying not to puke while I tried to get a dr on the phone. Then on the way home got a call from the ever dependable Dr. Llyod who said don't do anything that the pharmcist said to do. Got home and then confessed she did slam the kids finger in the locker. So yes your typical "Family Night" LOL!! Good times!

Ward Halloween Party!!!

We had our ward Halloween Party!! It was fun!!! Some of us FUNNER (yes its a word) people dressed up. We had a blast!! I like Mindy haven't dressed up in a LONG time!!!! I enjoyed myself!!! I hope others had fun too!!!On the left is Rod and Heidi Johnson they went as 80's people!! It was cute! We joked about how much hairspray we used to use back in the day!! Jake and Leslie Garbanati is next and they were cute, Jake had a a ball with horns around then and Leslie had the chain "ball and chain" VERY CUTE!!! Mindy and Jason Griffin in the back! Mindy went as a cute lil witch with a cute lil tutu and Jason went as Latrelle Spreewell!! LOVED the tattoos!!! I tried the gangsta look, I ended up just lookin like a teenager lol!! Allen went as blueman!!! It was so much fun!! Thanks guys for the good time!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can you say HILLBILLY???? LOL

HAHAHA!!! So I was getting my hair done. You know.....the usual cover the greys....Well I look over and there is this guy getting a pedicure drinking beer. He had another bottle to the side of him lol!!! SO chel texted me and asked if she could come sit with me....SO I put her to use and made her take a pic of him!!!! HAHAHA!! It was a riot

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

4th Folder 4th picture

4th Folder 4th Picture
This is a super fun tag! Mindy tagged me. I was supposed to pick the fourth folder and the fourth picture in that folder and talk about it.
This is a pic of Allen, Dana White and I! Those that don't know who Dana White is he is The Owner of the UFC!! We went to Vegas in February of 2007 not 2025 no matter what the pic says to see a UFC fight. It was a trip just for Allen and I. We had a blast!! Me being shorter than most saw a crowd around Dana and we wanted a pic so I pushed my way to the front of the group. He saw me I smiled. Something funny was said and I grinned at him and the next thing he says is grab that girl she's been standing there awhile. NOPE I wasn't!! IT WAS GREAT!!! HAHAHA
I tag Amber:O)

8 Things Tag

8 TV shows I love to watch:
CSI Las Vegas
American Idol
Today Show
Super Nanny
Ace of Cakes

8Restaurants I love:
Cafe Rio
Texas Roadhouse
Olive Garden
Red Lobster
Cold Stone (I'm with Heidi this counts)
Sweet Tomatos

8 things I HAVE done today:
Made the kids lunch
Made the kids breakfast
Took bedding off of Ashtons bed
Took BobbiSue a treat
Took the boys to bed
Working(This is all before 9 am mind you)

8 things I am looking forward to:
Losing weight
15 year Anniversary vacation
Date night(I hear this exists.....not so sure)
Getting my hair done
Getting released ;O)

8 things on my wish list:
Bigger House
Boob job
Lyposuction and tummy tuck(Why stop with boobs lets go all out)
New wedding ring
Dr. Pepper to not be fatening and not to be banned from it
Lottery is good
I tag Mindy and Amber. Noone else besides Heidi follows me yet!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

14 YEARS!!!!

CRAZY!!! Allen and I have been married for 14 years today!!! Crazy how time flies by!! We are so busy lately that I almost forgot!! Wouldn't be the 1st time. We started doing sealings on our anniversary instead of trying to buy each other stuff. Well we are SO dang busy that it will be awhile before we can get out. This saturday I am doing and open house for his sister who just got married. Then the following Saturday is the Ward Halloween party and I'm in charge. Then the following Saturday he is going to Denver with his friends. FINALLY on the 8th of November if nothing comes up or happens we will be able to go and do our sealings and go to dinner!!!! MAN!!! I did get a 12:10am text from him saying Happy Anniversary and I did give him an Anniversary hug and kiss just before I gave him his Goodbye hug and kiss before he went to work!!! Hey its the little things that count!!!! :O) All busyness aside. I am a very HAPPY and lucky person to have found him!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Poor Ashton

Poor guy!! I really try not to inflict the middle child syndrome on Ashton but sometimes I can't help it. Well he came home Monday after school and told me he is student of the week and he needed a poster with pics of him on it! Ya loser mom here forgot!!! I even had it on my calendar!!! WHAT A SLACKER!!! I had NO time on Monday with a soccer game in Tremonton and 2 football games in Brigham. So Chel and I worked on it last night and I took it to his class this afternoon!! Poor guy!! He sure doesn't seem to mind though. He didn't complain. WHEW!!! But good news for him, He grew a 1/4 of an inch and moved to the 4%!!! WOOHOO!!! We've put off the Pediatric Endocrinologist for 3 more months!! YEAH ASHTON!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Aidan is something else!! We joke that he is the reason why they invented birth control. But ya gotta love the boy. As mischevious as he is, he is also very sweet. Well he is struggling in school to not be in timeout. His favorite place to eat is Cafe Rio. He loves burritos. So he and I and his teacher made a pact that if he can go 5 entire days without getting in timeout he can go to Cafe Rio and have his own burrito and eat it how he wants. He said" and put what I want in it" lol. Well Yesterday I went to help with his class and his teacher said he was being PERFECT!! Halo and everything!! Whew...Now 4 more days to go!! lol