Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Tough SISTA!!!

Well Macenzi was playin indoor soccer on Saturday and got body checked into the wall! She hit the wall and bounced off! They took her off the field, once she could stand up! Her dad attended to her and then called me down to take a look! I thought all was good, she wasn't cryin just wincing in pain a little bit! So we took her to Wal-Mart got an ace bandage and a sling and wrapped her up and went to lunch. Later that night I had my neighbor take a look at her arm and he suggested we take her in to the Dr. I said we will on Monday. They will just x-ray it and send us home anyway! So Monday I took her in and they sent us to get an x-ray......and OF COURSE her wrist was broken!!! On the growth plate no less!!

We laughed ALL the way to the Orthopedist!! I will say that we were Blessed by waiting til Monday!! THANK YOU Dr. Dunn!! They orthopedist almost wasn't going to cast her on Monday because of the swelling!! So we weren't completely neglectful parents!!

My pics are a lil backwards but you get the point!!! She was a good sport!

The Dr. is setting her wrist right now!! This hurt!!! She was cute, I was getting ready to grab her hand because her face was getting a lil red and she says to me!! "You ok Mom?" Everyone started laughing and said that THAT was a first!! HAHA!! She's a FUNNY girl!!! I sure do LOVE her!!

When he was done he gave her a snake for being a BRAVE girl!! Had to go with pink and black!! Gotta represent the Hot Shots!!

Had to have a pink cast too!!! She got a lil glitter on her cast also!!!

She is ready to go back on Saturday to play again, but she agreed to sit out this game!! I'm afraid to tell her she will probably be out for the rest of indoor!!! What a cute girl she is!! She has really turned into a Loving and Special young Woman!!!