Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 down 1 to go!

That is AIDAN!! He was runnin at school and the Fire Dept was sprayin those hose up in the air and he couldn't see and rolled his toes under his foot and broke his foot! We can't actually see the fracture all the bones were in place (thank heavens) but its over the growth plates and we have to be safer than sorry! So the poor guy is in a cast for 3 weeks!!!

He had the choice between a cast and a boot and first he chose a boot then he wanted a cast!! As they were gauzing his foot he says "What would you do now if I said I wanted a boot" LOL!! What a CHARACTER!! Now he is miserable and is wanting that boot!!!
Poor guy!! His Dad is a pushover when it comes to his kids being miserable and tortured! So he is trying to locate a boot and is talking about cutting the cast off for him with his Dremel!! It's been 3 days he's had the cast on!!!