Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 down 1 to go!

That is AIDAN!! He was runnin at school and the Fire Dept was sprayin those hose up in the air and he couldn't see and rolled his toes under his foot and broke his foot! We can't actually see the fracture all the bones were in place (thank heavens) but its over the growth plates and we have to be safer than sorry! So the poor guy is in a cast for 3 weeks!!!

He had the choice between a cast and a boot and first he chose a boot then he wanted a cast!! As they were gauzing his foot he says "What would you do now if I said I wanted a boot" LOL!! What a CHARACTER!! Now he is miserable and is wanting that boot!!!
Poor guy!! His Dad is a pushover when it comes to his kids being miserable and tortured! So he is trying to locate a boot and is talking about cutting the cast off for him with his Dremel!! It's been 3 days he's had the cast on!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Tough SISTA!!!

Well Macenzi was playin indoor soccer on Saturday and got body checked into the wall! She hit the wall and bounced off! They took her off the field, once she could stand up! Her dad attended to her and then called me down to take a look! I thought all was good, she wasn't cryin just wincing in pain a little bit! So we took her to Wal-Mart got an ace bandage and a sling and wrapped her up and went to lunch. Later that night I had my neighbor take a look at her arm and he suggested we take her in to the Dr. I said we will on Monday. They will just x-ray it and send us home anyway! So Monday I took her in and they sent us to get an x-ray......and OF COURSE her wrist was broken!!! On the growth plate no less!!

We laughed ALL the way to the Orthopedist!! I will say that we were Blessed by waiting til Monday!! THANK YOU Dr. Dunn!! They orthopedist almost wasn't going to cast her on Monday because of the swelling!! So we weren't completely neglectful parents!!

My pics are a lil backwards but you get the point!!! She was a good sport!

The Dr. is setting her wrist right now!! This hurt!!! She was cute, I was getting ready to grab her hand because her face was getting a lil red and she says to me!! "You ok Mom?" Everyone started laughing and said that THAT was a first!! HAHA!! She's a FUNNY girl!!! I sure do LOVE her!!

When he was done he gave her a snake for being a BRAVE girl!! Had to go with pink and black!! Gotta represent the Hot Shots!!

Had to have a pink cast too!!! She got a lil glitter on her cast also!!!

She is ready to go back on Saturday to play again, but she agreed to sit out this game!! I'm afraid to tell her she will probably be out for the rest of indoor!!! What a cute girl she is!! She has really turned into a Loving and Special young Woman!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

This is my neice Harleigh Andrea, we drove to Elko, NV, the first of November to visit when she got blessed!!! Could her cheeks be any bigger?? She LOVED me!!!

She LOVES necklaces just like her FAVORITE Aunt Heather!!! ;)

Me, My FAVORITE Heidi and my FAVORITE Sister at New MOON!!!
Me and Macenzi at New Moon, she just left soccer practice to come!!!
Macenzi was invited to play on a U13 boys team in a soccer tournament in St. George over Thanksgiving weekend!! There were only 2 girls on that team. They both did wonderful!! Macenzi had a BLAST and learned A LOT!!!
These boys are her age and TOWER over her lol!!
I believe she WON this ball!!

She stepped up to play keeper for a bit against the boys and did NOT allow ANY goals!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

Boys being silly!!! It was just me and the kids on this trip to St. George!!! We had a blast!! I sure did miss ALLEN tho!!! ;)
Macenzi and Paige, the only girls playing on this team!! (she is a year younger than Macenzi, poor Macenzi is little lol, though she does make up for it in toughness!!)
Ashton was tickeled, the cleaning lady took his frog and propped it up when she made the beds in the hotel. He MADE me take a pic!!! That was the first thing he had to tell his Dad when he got home!!!
I tried to take a pic of the steam coming off their heads but it didn't work. It was FREEZING outside but the pool was like 80 degrees!!! They had a blast swimmin while I sat out of the pool and FROZE!!!
We went to temple square to look at lights!! I sure needed this!!! I was missing the Christmas spirit and a night out with Allen and the kids is EXACTLY what I needed to get back in the spirit!!!!
The kids were helping drizzle chocolate on the neighbor treats!
Then they got to dip their own pretzels!!!

The kids and my nephew each picked a treat to put on the plate for Santa!!
Santa was Hungry!!

I know I know!!! I'm sure your ALL surprised that my boys got UFC belts and action figures!!! Oh and they also got an Octagon ring for their fighters to fight in!!!

In April I bought this for Allen and have been saving and hiding it! Then he bought himself a season pass for snow boarding and told me NOT to buy him anything for Christmas!!! OOPS To late!!! I was afraid I would be in trouble!!! NOPE!! I'm not!! He LOVED it!!! It was the right one and he is taking me SHOPPING for new clothes YEAH!!!!
We had a really good Christmas and Year!! We have been very blessed with many thing this year!!! I hope that all is well with EVERYONE!!! We wish you ALL a very HAPPY New YEAR!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Yes!! It is a MIRACLE!! I am updating!! LOL!! Well here are some pics from our Florida trip and Halloween. We took our kids to Florida they knew we were going on vacation, they just didn't know where and they thought we were driving. I added a video of them figuring out we were flying!!!
This is them with their new suitcases at the airport!
Lookin for our plane!!

This was our 1st day at Disney World!! They had a blast!!

As you see Allen and I are NOT stupid!!! We REFUSED to ride the teacups!!! ;)

LOOK!!! Aidan and Mickey can grow tomato's!!!!

This lil alligator is in a pond behind our condo!!! Allen and the kids thought this was awesome!! They tried to catch it!!!! Those that know Allen WON'T be surprised!!

Allen FINALLY got to go to Gatorland!! After growing up in Florida he had to go back as an adult to go!!

And.....then he eats some gator!!!! (Don't worry ladies I didn't TOUCH the stuff)


Wild Animal Kingdom!!!

Silly faces!!!
We had a blast in Florida!! We were there 7 days. I swear Florida floats, I was so motion sick by the end lol!!! It was an AWESOME vacation. Allen did SO good being with us for 9 days and NIGHTS straight!! LOL

This is Aidan, he wanted to be a vampire. This is him at his 1st grade Halloween program! Allen did his makeup and wasn't happy with the outcome, he had to do a fast job!! What a sweet guy came home on his lunch to do it.
I thought it would be funny to buy a tutu for Macenzi for Halloween. I thought it would be hilarious, you know it being Macenzi. We were thinkin of maybe a fairy devil or something, then I found the black and pink tutu and we weren't sure what to do then David suggested a Derby Chick!!! AWESOME!!! She was ADORABLE!!! It was GREAT!!

I think he was Jason. Not!! I can't keep up with the scary guys!! Ashton really just wanted this mask and the blood sword!! LOL!!
My scary vampire!! Allen did AWESOME with his makeup this time!!!
Someone didn't recognize him because she didn't see his red hair!!
Aunt Chel posed him!!
Their pumpkins!! Ashton's has H1N1!!

My mister Mason!!! What's a Lion say???
Macenzi and her girlfriends trick or treatin!!!
So you skeptics....I updated.....are ya proud????????