Monday, December 28, 2009

This is my neice Harleigh Andrea, we drove to Elko, NV, the first of November to visit when she got blessed!!! Could her cheeks be any bigger?? She LOVED me!!!

She LOVES necklaces just like her FAVORITE Aunt Heather!!! ;)

Me, My FAVORITE Heidi and my FAVORITE Sister at New MOON!!!
Me and Macenzi at New Moon, she just left soccer practice to come!!!
Macenzi was invited to play on a U13 boys team in a soccer tournament in St. George over Thanksgiving weekend!! There were only 2 girls on that team. They both did wonderful!! Macenzi had a BLAST and learned A LOT!!!
These boys are her age and TOWER over her lol!!
I believe she WON this ball!!

She stepped up to play keeper for a bit against the boys and did NOT allow ANY goals!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

Boys being silly!!! It was just me and the kids on this trip to St. George!!! We had a blast!! I sure did miss ALLEN tho!!! ;)
Macenzi and Paige, the only girls playing on this team!! (she is a year younger than Macenzi, poor Macenzi is little lol, though she does make up for it in toughness!!)
Ashton was tickeled, the cleaning lady took his frog and propped it up when she made the beds in the hotel. He MADE me take a pic!!! That was the first thing he had to tell his Dad when he got home!!!
I tried to take a pic of the steam coming off their heads but it didn't work. It was FREEZING outside but the pool was like 80 degrees!!! They had a blast swimmin while I sat out of the pool and FROZE!!!
We went to temple square to look at lights!! I sure needed this!!! I was missing the Christmas spirit and a night out with Allen and the kids is EXACTLY what I needed to get back in the spirit!!!!
The kids were helping drizzle chocolate on the neighbor treats!
Then they got to dip their own pretzels!!!

The kids and my nephew each picked a treat to put on the plate for Santa!!
Santa was Hungry!!

I know I know!!! I'm sure your ALL surprised that my boys got UFC belts and action figures!!! Oh and they also got an Octagon ring for their fighters to fight in!!!

In April I bought this for Allen and have been saving and hiding it! Then he bought himself a season pass for snow boarding and told me NOT to buy him anything for Christmas!!! OOPS To late!!! I was afraid I would be in trouble!!! NOPE!! I'm not!! He LOVED it!!! It was the right one and he is taking me SHOPPING for new clothes YEAH!!!!
We had a really good Christmas and Year!! We have been very blessed with many thing this year!!! I hope that all is well with EVERYONE!!! We wish you ALL a very HAPPY New YEAR!!!


  1. Looks like a fun Christmas! I love your hair, I might not recognize you if I ran into you! Macenzi is getting big, and has cute hair as well...see you like necklaces I like hair! Hope you are doing well, fun pics.

  2. Heather, you look awesome! It was fun to see your updates.