Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1st Christmas, UFC, St. George, 2nd Christmas

Kids asleep on the way to Vegas!
!!! It's been crazy!! But here I am ready to udate our Holiday events! We left on Christmas Eve at 1am and drove to Vegas!! It was a pretty quick drive actually!! The kids slept the entire time. We spent Christmas at my brother Matt's house. Mom and Chel flew in on Christmas Eve. David and Bre flew in on Chrstmas day!! Santa made sure to fill the kids stockings!!!! They got to open 2 presents besides there stockings!!! They did really good with that!! We just hung out on Christmas Day and then went to my Uncle Danny's for Christmas dinner!!!
Ashton and Aidan spent Christmas Eve in the hot tub!!
The kids puttin cookies out for Santa!
It was 9 am!! Look at Macenzi you would think it was like 5 am.
Good ol Santa showed up for the stockings.
Allen was putting peanuts in the gun and shooting them into Davids mouth!!!!
Relaxin after Christmas dinner.
HMMMMMMMM???!!! Inappropriate????
Well......the whole reason for our trip to Vegas for Christmas was UFC!!!! We had a blast. The day after Christmas we went down to the MGM Grand for the Autograph signing , Q&A session and the weigh ins. The kids had a blast!!! We did have to do A LOT of waiting in lines and just WAITING!! pass the time a lot of pics were taken. Believe me this is only a couple!!
Bre, Me and Chel!


At the autograph session there was Stephen Bonner(We don't like him, but he saw Ashtons hair and was talkin to him about Chuck Liddell. How Chuck is an Accountant. And he signed his picture. To Ashton: Train hard......get good grades! Very nice guy to the kids)

Stephen Bonner
Mac Danzig

Efrain Escudero-He was the latest winner of Ulitimate Fighter House!

After the autograph session we went into the Q&A session with Randy Couture!!! That was really fun. We were already a fan of his, but we just absolutely love him now!!! Very nice guy!!

Allen, Me, Randy Couture, Macenzi, Ashton, Chelsya and Aidan
All of us but Allen waiting for the weighins to start.

Ashton made a friend with a seeing eye PITBULL!!! LOL Only in Vegas!!

We also got to see Kenny Florian!

This is the closest we have ever gotten to Chuck Liddell!!

Well after all that fun! The fights were great!! Not all of them turned out the way we would have liked. They were good fights anyway!!
We left Sunday morning and took the kids to St. George and they went swimming and we took them to see Bedtime Stories. We went to dinner with a friend of ours that lives in Hurricane. It was a good break from all of the vegas excitement!! It also breaks up the drive home!This is them in our hotel room!

Time for 2nd Christmas!!! Whew! I'm pooped!!!
Everyone was home on Monday night so we had our Christmas on Tuesday morning. Allen's parents came and joined us and Kents donuts provided our breakfast LOL!! It was a very busy but fun holiday!! I think the kids had a blast!! Sure hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!!

We bought them footie jammies in Vegas!! Macenzi thought it would be fun to have some too!! She wanted spiderman over Hannah Montana or Dora!! Can't say I blame her. Then kids kids are playing the Guitar Hero they got for Christmas!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


So we have been up to a lot!! I was gonna post all at one time, but still waiting to get all of the pictures. So I thought I would post about our pedicure. When my brother Matt was here at Thanksgiving he wanted to get we did!!! Well....he thought it should be a tradition that whenever we are together we get them. He won't do them by himself (even though his feet are AWFUL) while we were in Vegas the girls (and Matt) (no he's not gay) got pedicures!!! Macenzi only got her toes painted.
(Matt and Bre(davids wife))
In November we couldn't convince him to paint them black. Even though I told him fighters do!! Even Chuck Liddell does!! (UFC fighter for those who have no clue) But he wouldn't.....well we convinced him at Christmas to get them painted black!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Macenzi just after she got her's painted (only, I'm to cheap to pay for her young feet to get a pedicure)

Macenzi and Chel just done!!!
Black toe nail polish is MATT, Chel has the flip flop on, then Bre (my sis in law), Macenzi and ME!!